Do you have the WILL to succeed?

| October 22, 2018

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“Much as we may wish to make a new beginning, some part of us resists doing so as though we were making the first step toward disaster.” ~ William Bridges

Do you have the WILL to succeed?

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All last week we focused on creating the future of your dreams.

In short, if you don’t learn to EXPECT success—creating your own self-fulfilling prophecy of the life you love—it will forever elude you.

Conversely, learn to Expect More and Execute Better, and you will fill your life with abundance beyond the dreams of avarice!

You have been given WINGS.

Do you believe you can FLY?

This week, we will be discussing The Will to Succeed… the pure determination necessary to triumph over fear, uncertainty, and doubt as you move towards your most cherished dreams and goals.

No question, Will Power beats Can’t Power every time!

In “TQ-Speak”, you already have your WINGS… now you must BELIEVE you can fly!

Do you have the WILL to succeed?

Please take a moment to visualize your top three last and this year goals.

Where do you want to be exactly 1 year from now?

Now, write down the prime REASON for pursuing these goals, or the big REWARD you expect to get once you attain them. (Remember, the WHY behind your goals is far more important than the WHAT.)

My Top 3 Goals & The Rewards Contained In Them:

1. ___________________________ Reward _________________
2. ___________________________ Reward _________________
3. ___________________________ Reward _________________

Do you have the WILL to succeed? Do you have the WILL to succeed?

Time Horizon 

A Prediction…

If the REWARDS/benefits/values within each goal are not greater than your FEAR of moving towards them, you simply don’t have the WILL Power necessary to move them off this page and into your life. You will FAIL to achieve these goals.

Do you have the WILL to succeed? However, when you are willing to move heaven and earth to attain the benefits inherent within each goal, you WILL.

When your POWER is greater than the SIZE of the goal, you succeed.

Your CAN’T turns to WILL and what a tremendous difference this makes!

In “TQ Speak,” this means turning up the intensity of your Act Now Color… by learning to keep your eye on the ROSE, not the THORNS, by taking swift action—INSPITE of your natural reluctance and hesitation to do so.

One of the most important Factors governing the brightness of your Act Now Color is TQ Factor 10d. It asks if you “use fear as a call to action, and act without delay to reduce the threat?”

So, do you?

When you are stopped by fear, you almost always fail. Every type of fear—physical, emotional or social—has the beneficial purpose of protecting you from harm. However, this does not mean you must always stop.

Remember this: Thought directs action.

Confirm the value of your goal and the appropriateness of your actions. Then, consciously choose to focus on more productive thoughts. Master this and you can act in spite of your fear—and continue toward your desired goal.

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right!” ~ Henry Ford

Factor 10D’s CONTRIBUTION to your performance…

A high commitment to this Factor of your performance suggests you are a person whose answer to a fearful situation is to take immediate action. Rather than sit and worry, you do whatever you can to resolve or reduce the threat.

You change your focus from what you fear, to what you want and can do.

You gather information, seek expert opinions, change direction, increase performance, sharpen skills and make better plans. You get help when needed, shore up defenses and take any action necessary to improve the situation.

Factor 10D’s COST to your success…

A lack of commitment to this Factor suggests you are someone who does more fretting than fixing. Progress stops when you are confronted with a fearful situation.

Lacking the personal strategies to keep going in spite of the fear, you tend to avoid the situation rather than resolve it.

It’s easier to skirt the issue, delay the conversation or divert yourself with unrelated tasks. Unfortunately, these strategies never really improve your situation, and you remain a victim to the fear for as long as it exists.

The bottom line?

You gain immediate power over your fears by taking a positive forward action. Otherwise, you are robbed of all personal power until the cause of the fear goes away.

A loss of WILL Power occurs when you permit FEAR to take hold. Fear reduces your Energy level… destroys your Attitude… clouds your Goals… ensnares your Plans… causes a loss of Focus… and stops others dead in their tracks from helping you.

Yes, FEAR is a prime reason why people NEVER achieve their goals.

Yes, Success is in your DNA…

We can actually PROVE it!

When we initially created the huge TQ performance database, one central question guided our extensive research: Why do some people succeed brilliantly — almost effortlessly — while others, with equal talent and intelligence… struggle just to make it through the day… living from paycheck to paycheck with no real progress made towards achieving their dreams and goals?

Ultimately, the question became, ”Why do smart people fail?”

After ten years, and millions of dollars of research, the answer, it turns out, is quite simple…

Smart people fail because they fail to consistently take smart actions! It is no more complicated than that.

With tens of millions of data points, we have learned that there is a direct, almost perfect correlation between the actions you take — day in, day out — and your overall level of satisfaction, happiness and success in life.

Over time, we concluded that success is in your DNA:

D)o-it N)ow A)ctions!


When you take swift ACTION to optimize the use of your precious time… when you take bold ACTION to overcome uncertainty, fear, and doubt… when you take positive ACTION to change your mood when your attitude starts to turn negative… you INSTANTLY transform your performance from mediocre to excellent quite literally in a heartbeat… moving you TOWARDS the success you desire!

Thus, the key to success, however, you define it: Wealth… Power… or Happiness is found in your DNA… your D)o-it N)ow A)ctions!

Without question, successful people consistently take SMARTER ACTIONS than those who constantly find themselves in the throws of failure, disappointment and unfulfilled hopes and dreams.

Won’t you achieve your most heartfelt goals a great deal sooner, if you have greater WILL POWER? What’s holding you back?

— E.R. Haas, CEO


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