TQ: Power Tools For Greater Success

| January 19, 2019

TQ: Power Tools For Greater Success“Is it possible to predict your ultimate success… to objectively diagnose your strengths and challenges… and give you a prescription for higher achievement? YES!”

“The Power of TQ & 10 Choices of Intentional Excellence — the world’s first and only custom-made, 100% personalized system reveals what you must do right now — TODAY — to achieve all your goals. It is about micro-habits and nano-changes that add up to major success over time.”

“We can predict your success because we give you the tools to achieve it. Guaranteed!” ~ E. R. Haas, CEO, Author The Invisible Billionaire

Your Problem:

Financial freedom, career growth, and business success are elusive. The harder you try, life just seems to get in the way of your dreams. You know you need to make changes… but just don’t know what or how.


It’s not your IQ or talent that keeps you broke,
stressed-out, and running in circles. It’s your TQ.

Our Prediction:

Low TQ = Continuous struggles and self-inflicted drama
in a life-story that does not have a happy ending.

Your Prescription:

High TQ = Success beyond what you believe is possible in life.



TQ: Power Tools For Greater Success
For a limited time only, we have bundled our most powerful book on personal and professional success with 12 audio programs that will give you an INSTANT leap forward. Today it is just $34.95.

TQ: Power Tools For Greater Success

Pay attention — you’ve heard this a thousand times.

If you keep doing what you have always done you will keep getting the results you have always gotten.

It’s time to break this vicious cycle…

Startling truth: 70% of Americans are DISSATISFIED with their jobs (Forbes)… 69% have little or NO RETIREMENT savings (55% have ZERO)… 78% of all Americans live PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK, even half the people earning $75,000/year and more.

But, there’s HOPE.

If you are in any of these 3 groups, you have just found the help you need to move confidently in the direction of your dreams and goals.

If you are already successful, WOW, you’ve just found exactly what you need to get to the top even faster!

The good news is that we have made it push-button simple to get started and easy to see immediate RESULTS.

TQ is the new IQ!

TQ is a measurement of your Time Quotient — the actions you take to produce the results you want in the time you have.

If you want to get ahead faster, all you need to do is learn how to work a little smarter!

To create a few micro-habits and make a few nano-changes.

We give you the tools you need to get started right now!


Everything You Want In Life Comes Down to Just a Few Smart Actions — What We Call Micro-Habits & Nano-Changes…

TQ: Power Tools For Greater Success

The key is to think BIGGER by thinking SMALLER.

Trying to change your life in one sweeping movement is not only impossible but will kill any hope still within you for the life you want.

Take this simple example.

If I offered you $1 million in cash right now, you would instantly grab it, right?

Of course.

But if I offered you a single PENNY and agreed to double it every morning for the next month, what would you say?

99% when asked this question immediately thought $1 million NOW was far better than getting a little more each day spread over a month.

Not even close!

A penny doubled over 31 days is exactly $10,700,000 dollars. (If you don’t believe it Google it!)

Most people want to live in the NOW, not realizing that they can receive huge dividends from making nano-changes each day.

Which is why we created a power-bundle that gives you the tools to instantly SEE what’s holding you back… and the resources to start filling in the missing colors in your paint-by-number dreams.

You will receive your exclusive, one-of-a-kind, personalized copy of the 172 page Power of TQ PLUS 12 audio programs — about 12 hours in all — that will move you off the dime and put your life back on the fast track to success. Guaranteed.

TQ: Power Tools For Greater Success

TQ: Power Tools For Greater Success


TQ: Power Tools For Greater Success


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TQ: Power Tools For Greater Success


TQ: Power Tools For Greater Success

You’ve tried it your way, maybe you should try our way now!

The Power of TQ is the single most important book ever written on the micro-connections between who you are… what you do… and how you do things.

It is 172 pages of pure dynamite and is sure to blow up all your misconceptions about working hard vs. truly working smart.

It’s even super easy to see your progress!

There are 64 different charts that show you exactly where you stand and what you must do differently — the micro-actions you must take — to move your career into high gear… to make far more money… to have warm, loving relationships worthy of the one life you have to live.

Yes, SEEING is believing.


Once you can SEE what’s standing between you
and what you want, you can go after it.

Compare the charts below.

  1. How successful do you think someone is with low energy, no sense of purpose and mission, no goals, weak plans and has mastered the art of perpetual procrastination?
  2. In 30 days we see an immediate improvement in mission, attitude, goals, and focus. Physical and mental energy is on the rise.
  3. In a few more weeks, we see a power-player who is the action-hero in his/her life’s adventure: High energy, total sense of mission, total optimism, huge goals, big plans, and the power to take bold action without hesitation.

TQ: Power Tools For Greater Success  TQ: Power Tools For Greater Success  TQ: Power Tools For Greater Success

These are real charts. It took Ben about 30 days to move from chart 1 to 2… and just 90 days to get to chart 3. He quit his job, started a cool software business and sold out to CBS Sportsline for mega millions. How? He played to his strengths and eliminated his weaknesses.

Take me up on this offer. Take the penny challenge.

Don’t be shortsighted. A $ Million today is chump-change versus a PENNY a day compounded for a month.

Big difference between $1 million in cash now vs. $10.7 million in 31 days when you double down on your strengths.

Create a few Micro-Habits and some Nano-Changes and you too will see your results compound.

Your choice is to move on, do nothing different, and accept what happens to you next.

Or, you can start now to move up and live a life worth living

Micro-Habits work…

Nano-Change is good… believe it!

Expect Success,

E. R. Haas, CEO


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