Antidote to Stress? Be Happy With Yourself…

| January 31, 2019


Antidote to Stress? Be Happy With Yourself...

“Stress is the trashcan of modern existence. It builds up to overflowing then all you have is garbage spread all over your life. There is a simple key to reducing stress in your life… just be happy with yourself.” ~ E. R. Haas, Author The Invisible Billionaire

Stressed Out? Identify Why…

Antidote to Stress? Be Happy With Yourself...
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To understand why effective stress management is critical to your success, click play on the Smarter in a Minute clip above  >> take a breath  >> and THINK >>

The ideas are simple but life-changing.

Then, take a moment to identify just ONE thing that is at the root of your stress.

99% of all stress is self-induced drama.

Worry wastes time steals energy and prevents you from accomplishing your goals. 

There’s no reason to worry about something you can or can not fix. If you find yourself constantly stressed over money, friends, health issues, your children, people at work or your environment — STOP IT!

Identify exactly what you’re worried about, and transform that worry into a positive action to resolve the concern.

Take care of it, before it takes over you.

A high commitment to maintaining an unstoppable, low-stress energy level suggests you never play the victim to your worries.

By focusing on the actions you can take, rather than the negative conditions of the problem, you maintain your momentum even when besieged with negative situations.

Everyone has reasons to worry, but you’re able to work through your concerns without wasting precious energy before correcting or improving the situation. Once resolved, your energy level actually increases due to positive feelings that come from correcting a bad situation.

Cost of Stress & Worry…

A lack of commitment to high-energy performance suggests you’re often a victim of your worries.

You can burn a lot of energy as you sit and picture the most unfavorable things that could happen — thereby draining your energy level even more. As you focus on “worst case” scenarios, you rob yourself of the energy and motivation needed to take action. This leaves you with little energy to actually resolve the problem.

What’s more, these overriding concerns keep you from completing your other tasks. This leads to a negative spiral of additional stress stealing away more energy.

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Micro Habits work…

Nano Change is good…

Expect Success!

E. R. Haas, CEO

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Antidote to Stress? Be Happy With Yourself...

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Antidote to Stress? Be Happy With Yourself...Antidote to Stress? Be Happy With Yourself...

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