Nano Changes + Micro Habits = New Beginnings…

| January 3, 2019


“We all want THIS year to be our best year ever. So, think SMALLER! The reason resolutions don’t work is that they are just too big… and you run out of time well before you see the grand rewards. Positive Micro Habits lead to Nano Changes that create Tiny Rewards. Over time, these daily rewards add up to huge results. You do not have to believe me — just try it! If you are open to fresh new ideas, try my way. You have nothing to lose and a world of wonder to gain.” ~ E. R. Haas, Author The Invisible Billionaire

Making Every Minute Matter Is Not Just A Great Idea…

Because we want to see you THRIVE, not merely SURVIVE, the best book on Time Management yet written is yours for just $1. This gift of time expires at the stroke of midnight January 31st.

It is essential to your success in 2019 — personally, professionally, and in your business.

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People who wait to get around to things never do.

We call this getting ready to get ready.

Get it on!

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To succeed in this chaotic, highly volatile world, we must find a different path to managing our time… a path that focuses on our minutes, not the hours, days and months ahead.

Think Bigger by Thinking Smaller!

Create Nano Changes and Micro Habits and you not only make more of your minutes count, but encourage a continuous flow of new beginnings each day.

Bad news: There is no way to magically trick time.

Good news: What you can do is become smarter about the use of your time… in the moment… and you automatically produce better results over time.

Honor every minute in your day — all 1,000 prime minutes — and you will have a GRAND day every day.

You will grow old and successful.

Permit enough of your minutes to be wasted and you will ultimately grow old and cynical.

This breaks my heart. We can do better.

As CEO of TQ, I like to make big a gift to the world towards the end of each January.

This year it is the gift of TIME.

If you are like the vast majority, the good intentions and bold resolutions you made back on New Years Day have already started to fade.

What you need to do now is put more resolve into your goals by taking a slightly different approach to the big vision you see for the year.

This means mastering Nano Changes… where each micro-change gives you a wonderful new starting point for success each day.

Which is why I am giving away 5 million copies of one of our best-selling programs: Full Spectrum Success — The Systematic Pursuit of Wealth, Power, and Happiness!

The unfortunate truth is that by mid January, all those promises you made to yourself for a better life —this year — are flaming out.

No passion, no reason to change, and the rest of the year turns out exactly like all the years before it.

But when you ignite Full Spectrum passion and manage your life around a true sense of purpose, everything changes.

You’ve tried it your way, maybe you should now try our way!

Which is where Micro Habits and Nano Changes enter the conversation…

Tiny changes made frequently add up to big changes over time.

Think of these changes as new beginnings… the opportunity to do more each day than you have in the past.

Start here… start now!

Full Spectrum Success is just 143 pages long — and takes about 45 minutes to digest — but the wisdom is timeless and the ideas for action are boundless.


Because Full Spectrum Success gives you access to our entire library of exceptional time management tools, we consider it the TQ Starter System… a $160 value for just $1 buck… no strings… no up-charges… no S&H… just the help you need to make 2019 your best year ever.

Why a buck? If you don’t have even a little “skin in the game” you will not take this seriously. When you “buck up” you are just a bit more committed to action.

Action is the first step towards time mastery.

If you are looking for a way to get more done in less time with fewer hassles…

If you want to take back control over your life…

If you know you can do better… want to do better… but just don’t know how…

Take me up on my gift of success to you.

If you want to achieve greater success this year, personally and professionally, why not try a different approach?

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Read it, do what it suggests, then, download The Time Prism: The World’s Smartest App — also FREE…

It will give you thousands of cool ideas for immediate improvement.

It is the one tool that will move your resolutions off the page and into your life!

Micro Habits work…

Nano Change is good… believe it!

E. R. Haas, CEO



PS If you haven’t yet received your free copy of our sensational new Time Prism, download it now. Once you read Full Spectrum Success, you will understand exactly what you must do to achieve all your dreams and goals THIS year… not Someday, maybe.


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