Goals: The Confluence Between Dreams, Desires & Beliefs

| January 1, 2018


“Explore your untamed dreams and you just might find a unique place where a confluence of paths lead towards your destiny.” ― Kathy Goodhew

A Beautiful Sight…

Anatomy Goal_3Dshadow_medIf you haven’t stood above the confluence of the Green and Colorado rivers in southern Utah, you need to put it on your bucket list!

These 2 powerful rivers provide the life-sustaining water for some 40 million people throughout the southwest. Just standing above the confluence gives you a unique perspective on the present and the future… the connection between now and your destiny.


There are many popular definitions of the word GOAL.

Most define it as a dream with a date… we define it as a dream with a deadline. The deadline implies commitment to both the dream and the time it will take to achieve it.

A better definition might be that goals represent the confluence between Desirability and Believability. It is the recognition that it takes BOTH to create a goal that will ultimately be achieved.

Desirability is obvious: You have to WANT it with your body, mind, and spirit—otherwise there’s simply no point in wasting your life on things that will return little to you for all the time and effort they will take to realize.

Desirability is a function of uniting your values with your visions—what you want, why you want it, and what value it has to you and those around you.

Desirability drives a potential goal forward… putting it on the playing field.

Believability is equally obvious: You have to believe that somehow, some way, come hell or high water, you will achieve your hearts desire.

The dream may seem impossible to you now, but, if you believe it can’t be done, it won’t be achieved. However, the world is filled with examples of a single person who BELIEVED an impossible goal into existence. Because they believed they could.

They clearly couldn’t see how it could happen, but they believed it would.

The desire for achievement literally WILLED the goal into existence simply because they believed it should, could and had to be achieved. Someway, somehow, sometime. Sooner rather than later.

As you update your bucket list, choose 3 on your list that has high desire and turn them into full-fledged goals by envisioning them, and choosing a deadline for their achievement.

For example, learn to fly Someday makes a good bucket item. It’s right up there with skydiving as a most popular bucket list item.


Learn to fly a single engine plane by my next birthday turns this wish into a hard-target goal.

Put it in your schedule and set monthly ticklers to remind you that this is something you WANT more than anything else… that you are literally desiring it into your life. As you do, it will become more and more believable that it could happen… not that it just should or might happen.

Then, test your belief of what is and isn’t possible. Stretch. Make the time to study… to train… to log real air time—not just in your head or on your X Box—but in the second seat, until you earn solo status.

Imagine the fear, excitement, adrenaline rush, confidence, and just plain fun of checking the tires, lighting the fires and throttling up towards the clouds. A belief combining with desire to take flight.


Put all you dreams and goals to this simple test:

On a scale of 1 to 10, just how DESIRABLE is this vision?

On a scale of 1 to 10, just how BELIEVABLE is this vision?

Anything less than a 10/10 is a waste of a perfectly great life!


PS If setting goals are a problem for you, check out our next 30 Day Goals Challenge…


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