The Self-Confidence Habit

| June 6, 2019

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The Self-Confidence Habit

“You are as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fears;
as young as your hope, as old as your despair.” ~ Samuel Ullman

The Self-Confidence Habit…

The Self-Confidence Habit
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When we think of building self-confidence, we understand that it means having confidence in yourself.


But, when you understand that there is a continuum we all live on, this issue starts to make sense from a practical viewpoint.

There are actually 3 different steps on the continuum:

  1. BELIEF: Self-efficacy…
  2. TRUST: Self-confidence…
  3. WORTH: Self-esteem…

They are developed in this order 1-2-3.

Self-efficacy is defined as an individual’s beliefs about their capacity to influence the events in their own lives. You either believe in your power to produce the intended/expected results or you don’t.

This differs from self-esteem in an important way: the definition of self-esteem often rests on ideas about an individual’s worth or worthiness, while self-efficacy is rooted in beliefs about an individual’s capabilities to handle future situations. In this sense, self-esteem is more of a present-focused belief while self-efficacy is more of a forward-looking belief.

What then is Self-Confidence?

This is likely the most used term for these related concepts outside of psychology research, but there is still some confusion about what exactly self-confidence is. Psychology Dictionary Online defines self-confidence as an individual’s trust in his or her own abilities, capacities, and judgments, or belief that he or she can successfully face day to day challenges and demands (Psychology Dictionary Online).


The Self-Confidence Habit

Self-confidence also brings about more happiness. Typically, when you are confident in your abilities you are happier due to your successes. Also, when you are feeling better about your capabilities, the more energized and motivated you are to take action and achieve your goals.

Self-confidence, then, is similar to self-efficacy in that it tends to focus on the individual’s future performance; however, it seems to be based on prior performance, so in a sense, it also focuses on the past.

The Self-Confidence Habit


So the question becomes, just how can I BELIEVE in myself, TRUST myself, and create a powerful sense of WORTH that will drive my success to higher vistas?

The Self-Confidence HabitThe good news is that this is built one day at a time — habitually — making smarter choices and taking smarter actions.

We build self-confidence ONLY by failing forward.

Sooner or later you develop the habit to talk to yourself positively…

You develop the habit to look for the best in every situation, the opportunity in every problem…

You develop the instinctive knowledge that when you visualize tremendously rewarding successes and stop visualizing failures you have the confidence in yourself to make it happen…

Rather than sit and wait and wonder what happened!

The concept of self-confidence is self-assurance in one’s personal judgment, ability, power, etc.

One’s self-confidence increases from experiences of having mastered particular activities.

It is a positive belief that in the future one can generally accomplish what one wishes to do.

Plain and simple, if you want to succeed, MASTER yourself!

We see this as a positive habit to be cultivated rather than just an aspirational hope…

The Power of TQ is all-inclusive, recognizing that true success is in your heart… your head… and your hands.

It’s about the power of habits that control our lives, 24x7x365.

Grow the Self-confidence Habit and you grow your career.

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The Self-Confidence Habit

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Develop the Self-confidence Habit Now →


Expect Success!

E. R. Haas, CEO

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The Self-Confidence Habit

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The Self-Confidence HabitThe Self-Confidence Habit

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