30 Day Purpose Challenge

| August 27, 2019

30 Day Purpose Challenge

“After 10 years of working directly with people who feel trapped or held in place by hidden forces, we found a trigger that drives ever higher achievement — total financial freedom, hope, direction, meaning — what we call Purpose Driven Success. This 30-Day Challenge is your roadmap to the success you so richly deserve. And yes, I personally guarantee it!” ~ E. R. Haas, CEO, Author, Publisher, Serial Entrepreneur


Ten years ago, on September 9th, 2009 we launched Success On Purpose. Over the last 10 years we have seen thousands of lives changed by the simple process we developed to first help people FIND their authentic purpose in life… and more importantly… go on to actually LIVE it.

30 Day Purpose Challenge
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Without question, there are two great tragedies in life.

The first is to never know your true purpose…

The second is to know your purpose but never live it fully.

No philosophy or theology.

Just the reality that until you find your Authentic Direction in life you will spend the ONLY life you have to live on things that simply do not matter.

And until you learn how to create Missions On Demand, you will be locked in two-dimensional thinking that will keep you forever held back in the world of “almost” successful. Learn to think in 3 dimensions and you have the power to achieve all you can conceive.

You may be very successful now. The truth is, with a few adjustments, you can achieve true legacy-driven success.

You may be in a career that is doing nothing but robbing you of your time and energy.

You might know you have real talent and skills but are clueless as to how to best utilize them.

You may have taken courses or read books on your divine purpose, but still have a hollow sense of direction and spirit.

You know something is missing, but you just don’t know what.

So, give me 30 days of your time and attention. You show up for our conversations and do the assigned work.

Easy work.

Simple to understand work.

Work you should have done 10-20-30 years ago but either didn’t have the right tools or weren’t motivated to change course.

In honor of our 10th anniversary of the release of Success On Purpose, I decided to do a special program just for people who need direction, clear directions, and the material to make tremendous life changes.

Yes, give me 30 days and you will find the “new you,” you have been looking for.

You will receive clear instructions. Follow my gaited approach and you will not become overwhelmed.

We will have 4 group coaching calls where every question you might have will be addressed with crystal clarity.

If after the first call you feel this is not for you, I will delete you, refund your money, and we will part friends.

I could give you a hundred pages of sales copy here, but the point is this.

You either want a different life or you don’t.

If you do, this will help.

If you don’t, this is not for you.

The simple fact is, everything you will ever BE, DO, or HAVE in life comes down to just 3 simple variables.

Fill them in, you WIN.

Don’t, and you will spend the only life you have hoping, praying, and wishing that things could be different.

A special note to people who have already read Success On Purpose. You took a big first step, that’s great.

Now, take the next step and develop the power to employ what you learned.

My promise is this: Invest 30 days, do the work, and show up for the weekly calls. You will find that true North you’ve been looking for — the Starting Point for a life of Happiness, Satisfaction, and Significance — or I’ll just give you back your money and send you on your way knowing that I did everything in my power to help you live your dreams.

You can have any life you want, but first you have to want it.


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Expect Success!

E. R. Haas, CEO, Author, Publisher


P.S. This challenge is for businesses of every size, people of every background, and those who truly want to find the Starting Point for making the REST of their lives the BEST of their lives. Live coaching call dates To Be Announced, but we usually schedule these for Tuesday mornings!

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