Billions Are Invested To Make Machines Smarter Than You. It’s Time To Adapt.

| August 31, 2019


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Billions Are Invested To Make Machines Smarter Than You. It's Time To Adapt. 

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Billions Are Invested To Make Machines Smarter Than You. It's Time To Adapt.
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The reality is grim.

According to recent statistics, just 48% of the United States workforce has nothing saved for retirement, while 80% are living paycheck to paycheck.

On top of this, some 66% of U.S. employees report dissatisfaction with their careers and chronic unhappiness. Feelings of disengagement run as high as 70% among U.S. workers.

Even worse, billions are being invested in Al to make machines smarter than people,” added Haas. “We need to invest in people, so they have the ability to adapt faster by transforming their career potential into career power.”

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As we look towards the future this Labor Day 2019 we see real opportunity for people with the skills to swiftly adapt to constantly changing economic conditions… and despair for people without fluid, transportable skills.

The simple truth is, you are in it for the MONEY not just a job.

There is a tremendous amount of money to be made in a chaos-driven economy, BUT you must have the skills to work smarter, compete smarter and out-perform the competition at every step.

Do this, you win. You enjoy a career you love and are paid accordingly.

A final fact from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Emergency expenses, stagnant wages, and the need for economic security are a real problem for a large segment of the population.

Despite the possibility of last-minute spending, 40 percent of Americans are unable to afford a $400 emergency, while wages remain close to stagnant for most people, even as those at the top continue to see gains.

Recent analysis from the Economic Policy Institute shows that labor income for the bottom 90 percent has shrunk by more than 10 percent since 1979—translating to about $10,800 of lost pay per household. With little sign of bipartisan cooperation on pro-worker policies, a tight labor market is the primary force that most workers can expect to reverse this trend in the coming year.

Meanwhile, wages for production and nonsupervisory workers have remained virtually stagnant for decades, increasing just $2.71 since the beginning of 2000.

All the while, costs of living—including child care and education, just to name a few—have continued to rise, outpacing wage growth for most Americans.

Yes, this has become a survival of the smartest global economy. The good news is that you can work a great deal smarter. The time to start is now!


Billions Are Invested To Make Machines Smarter Than You. It's Time To Adapt.

“How is it even possible that in the greatest economy in history, so many people have no financial security, no retirement savings, and are unhappy at work,” remarked author and CEO E. R. Haas. “My advice is simple. Wake up and fight back. Adapt to the constantly changing work environment. Develop the transportable skills for this survival of the smartest global economy. If you want that Golden Parachute you can get it, but you will need to turn your career potential into career power.

Billions Are Invested To Make Machines Smarter Than You. It's Time To Adapt.

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