Small Business Success Is All About Thinking Strategically

| December 4, 2019


“MyQuickStrat™ tells you exactly what you must do each day — the actions you must take — to grow faster, make more money, and create a business worth owning. This program is predictive, intuitive, and leads you by the hand to greater results. Check in each day to update your progress and get another action item. It is in fact the perfect companion for programs like Quickbooks, ZOHO, etc. — the fastest and easiest way to realize your business’s full potential.”

“Without question, you are doing things the hard way if you don’t learn to Think Strategically, Act Tactically, and Execute Brilliantly. We make it easy!” ~ E. R. Haas, CEO, Author, Serial Entrepreneur


To Business Builders Of Every Size…

If you want to grow your business, increase profitability, and have a lot more fun, order MyQuickStrat™ with our 1 full year money back guarantee. In 15 minutes you will have exactly what you need to build a business worth owning:

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3) Get busy!

As CEO of The TQsmart family of sites I thought I would end this year with some advice for next year.

Advice for people in small businesses who want to grow and turn their hard work into a pile of cash and great memories!

Advice even for myself and team of people all working together to build extraordinary new products.

Yes, I am a serial entrepreneur with over 20 companies under my belt. Laughed, loved, cried… did it all over the past 50 years.

So when you read the following, please take it to heart.

You can continue to do things the hard way and maybe find the success you desire… or take the easy way and follow the recipe of a man who has baked many many cakes and found the so-called “secret sauce”.

I have found that the real key to business success comes down to just 2 things: Knowledge and Tools.

Which is exactly WHY we created MyBizIQ — to make you instantly smarter about business.

At MyBizIQ you will find both, the knowledge it takes to build a thriving business, and the tools to make it easy.

Think for a moment about this…

  • What if you could instantly KNOW what a master business strategist already knows?
  • What if you could drop everything to go to Harvard or Stanford and get an MBA?
  • What if you could get the big picture and micro-details in a few hours, not a few years?

These “what if’s” are what drove our 10-year development project: KNOWLEDGE + TOOLS = SUCCESS!

First, we did the painstaking research. We took the absolute BEST ideas within every business function to present them to you in their most highly distilled form.

The result is that you have at your disposal the specific items you know will make the biggest difference in your business right now… yet TODAY.

No question, there are tens of thousands of things you CAN be doing right now to do grow faster and make more money…

If you only knew WHAT they are!

What would happen if you had a simple to use tool that  contains an infinite source of ideas for action you could never come up with on your own…

All organized for quick access…

All woven into a simple to use TOOL that instantly creates a living strategic plan for the weeks and months ahead?

We call this tool MyQuickStrat™ — web-software that allows leaders to create dynamic, living business strategies instantly.

MyQuickStrat™ is the perfect complement to Quickbooks, ZOHO, NetSuite, etc. as we not only tell you WHAT to do… we explicitly tell you HOW to do it and WHY!

It’s what Malcolm Forbes would have called the ultimate “Capitalist Tool”!

This is not abstract longterm planning software.

It is powerful STRATEGIC planning made simple and the results are astonishing!

MyQuickStrat™ is a simple strategy generator that informs what you are going to MAKE HAPPEN… WHY… WHEN… by WHO and HOW.

MyQuickStrat™ is for small to medium sized businesses who want to grow faster, make more money, and have more free time.

If you use Quickbooks, think of MyQuickStrat™ as your best friend… the Harvard MBA who works for just a slice of pizza!

As you already know, accounting software like Quickbooks is a good start but fails to give you the forward guidance and direction you need.

They just report on WHAT happened.

They don’t give you clear instructions on what to MAKE happen.

Yes, they are necessary.

But MyBizIQ is mission-critical.

If you have employees who need leadership and direction…

If you are in a competitive industry and need to grow, increase cash-flow, and maximize profits…

If you are working hard but not seeing the results you want, try MyQuickStrat™.

It’s guaranteed to give you the edge you have been looking for.

Smarter Business begins with looking at all your options, choices, opportunities, and challenges then deciding What’s Important NOW and What’s Important NEXT.

By thinking WIN WIN you are always one step ahead of the game… one step ahead of the competition… one step closer to the results you want.


Smarter Business begins with looking at all your choices, opportunities, and challenges then deciding What’s Important NOW and What’s Important NEXT.

Yes, you need accounting software. But you can’t stop there.

They are a rearview MIRROR reflecting where you’ve been.

MyQuickStrat™ provides the all-important future VISION that guides creative success.

MyQuickStrat™ contains an infinite source of ideas for action you could never come up with on your own…

All organized for quick access…

All woven into a simple to use TOOL that instantly creates a living strategic plan for the weeks and months ahead.

The result is that YOU now are in control of your business, not the other way around. Just by taking 10-15 minutes each week you will gain clarity of purpose and highly focused action… the key to entrepreneurial success!

Don’t Take My Word For It…

Try it yourself.

The world has become hyper-competitive, yet is creating more opportunity than ever before.

When you develop the skills necessary to see and seize opportunity you get ahead faster.

You don’t have to work harder and harder to get ahead.

You do need to work a great deal smarter to achieve your most treasured dreams and goals!

We have made getting started pushbutton simple and at just $199, affordable for every small business. This package contains 4 custom-published, personalized books that give you the street savvy of a Harvard MBA. You simply answer a few questions about your business and rate its performance in 10 key areas. Once you do this, we tell you exactly where you should address your efforts and why. Better, we provide the tools to make it happen…




MyQuickStrat™ is a simple web-tool that creates living, breathing, actionable strategies in seconds — not days, weeks, or months.

MyQuickStrat™ guides future action. It is not a rearview mirror looking back, it is a powerful tool that focuses your attention on a series of small strategic actions that result in tremendous success over time.

MyQuickStrat™ will help you grow faster, make more money and have more fun. It is designed as the fast-easy way to do complex strategic plans in seconds, not weeks.

MyQuickStrat™ replaces expensive consultants and advisors, giving you the power to create a list of success-critical action-items at the touch of a button.

There are quite literally tens of thousands of things you CAN do to turn your business into a gold mine. But you need a SIMPLE way to sort through the clutter, make the smart choices, and take even smarter action.

Try our way risk free for 1 full year. If you can honestly say this program did not help you, we will simply refund your money in full and part company.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

If you are not 100% convinced you need MyQuickStrat™ you may take the first step FREE. We have made our exclusive Small Business Stress Test available to everyone. Click Here to Start…


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