It’s Time To Repurpose Your Purpose…

| April 14, 2020

“This program is for ‘worried optimists’ — people who are struggling with worry, confusion, and doubt about how to move forward after the COVID19 crisis has abated. We all have deep questions about what comes next. Do not be frightened or deterred. The answers to what you should be doing now to make the rest of your life the best of your life are what this incredible system delivers. Personally, professionally, and in business.” ~ E. R. Haas, CEO, Author (AKA The Invisible Billionaire)

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After the crisis, we will all need an ANSWER to the question,
“What should I be doing with the rest of my life?”


Answer: Become a Success ~ Do It On Purpose.


Consider our Guidance and Act Without Hesitation.





To help every person in America retool, renew, refresh, and Repurpose Your Purpose, we are making our $150 coaching package available for just $34.95 including 3 LIVE group coaching sessions.

Order Success On Purpose™ now and in just 6 hours of listening and learning + 6 hours of doing and discovering you will be at the Starting Point for a life of Happiness, Satisfaction, and Significance.

Yes, hours, not months will change your life for the better… or we will refund your money, no questions asked.

1) Order Risk-Free…

2) Complete 3 Simple Exercises…

3) Rejoice in a Whole New You!

It’s not that times are changing.

It’s that times have changed.

To THRIVE, not just SURVIVE, after this COVID19 Pandemic, you will need to change with the times…

From the inside out…

To become more adaptable…

To become more responsive…

To become far more resilient than ever before.

To do this you need a tool, a system, and a mentor that can guide you through these dark times on towards the success you so richly deserve.

You need us!

When we released the first edition of Success On Purpose some 15 years ago, we knew it would immediately change the lives of millions of people.

Unlike others who offer more of a philosophical or theological approach, we took a highly scientific view, considering the results from tens of millions of data points within TQ.

After years of research, we found that there are just 3 variables — all of which are completely in your control — that determine everything you will ever be, do, or have in life.

Fill in these 3 variables and you lead a life of meaning and significance.

You get ahead in your career, in your marriage, in your community.

These 3 variables are easily identified and easily addressed with the right tools.

They are exceedingly difficult to define without the tools we created.

In fact, people who attend our live train the trainer events often go to the whiteboard and cry…

First tears of sorrow of a life wasted on things that simply do not matter…

A life of running in circles, trying to make sense of it all…

Tears streaming down their faces because they have come to realize they have just spent the only life they have on things of little importance to them.

Then, Everything Changes…

They do the work and their confidence returns. Tears of joy run down their faces when they see the connection between their personal variables and a life worth living.

Because we know how important this is to you and your family in this time of crisis, we decided to make this coaching package available for a limited time at a 66% discount. Normally $150, The Success On Purpose Coaching System is yours for just $35 — instantly downloadable to your PC.

Since we also know you may need additional help and hope, we invite you to attend our LIVE group mentoring sessions for one full year.

As always, if this program is not for you just tell us and we will regretfully refund your money in full… no questions asked.

To order, simply click the order button below to return to our TQ order processing system.


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An Hour By Hour Explanation of our Guaranteed,
Step By Step Process of Creative Reinvention & Renewal.


Pure MOTIVATION: In the 1st hour, you will…

Learn an amazing secret about success that is so simple, yet so profound… that just 3 variables — all of which are under your complete control — separate the world’s most successful people from those who struggle just to make it payday to payday.

In this inspirational hour, you will see that the key to your success comes down to just 4 words: High Expectations ~ Brilliant Execution. Develop the power to greatly expand your Expectations and your life becomes a living dream. Don’t, and your life becomes nothing more than a slow-motion nightmare.

What is truly profound is that you will, maybe for the first time in your life, be asked to decide who’s life you are living and what to you is truly worth spending the only life you have to live.

Incredible INSPIRATION: In the 2nd hour, you will…

Connect the dots between theory and practice… by listening to a true story about a husband and wife who were drifting through life, both personally and professionally, until they found Success On Purpose.

In this highly emotional hour, you will feel the pain and heartbreak Ben and Melissa felt, and the joy and elation they found when they put their lives back on the right road… the road to achieving their greatest hopes and aspirations.

You will learn the hidden secrets that all truly successful people know. They are not so much secrets that have been hidden from you, but rather, secrets of success never explained in clear terms.

Scientific PROOF: In the 3rd hour, you will…

Learn that enduring success is a simple matter of triangulating your 3 personal variables into a Natural Mission… giving you an unstoppable sense of passion, purpose, and direction. We will scientifically prove that ALL successful people have one thing in common: A highly evolved, virtually unstoppable sense of Mission.

In this fact-filled hour, you will fully understand the Power of Purpose and why Defining your Purpose gives you a whole new approach to the age-old problem of answering the question “Why am I here, and what am I to do with the one life I have to live?”

You may THINK you know the answer to this question. However, if you are not fully utilizing your gifts and talents… not happy with where you are right now… not satisfied with the results you are getting… not living a life of meaning and significance… THINK AGAIN!


Brilliant INSIGHT: In the 4th hour, you will…

Fully grasp the importance of your Natural Mission and Authentic Direction in life. Through 5 key case studies, you will see why it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to achieve great things in life without your 3 core variables all being in the proper proportions and equally related each to the other.

This is a fun hour where the aha’s… the I get it’s… the WOW I didn’t have a clue it worked that way will start to flow!

Many people have told us that the insight they received by understanding that they do have a Natural Mission was life-changing. We are all seeking our Natural Mission as we walk the road of life. This chapter makes sure we are walking down the RIGHT path!

Glowing ENLIGHTENMENT: In the 5th hour, you will…

Learn how your Values, Visions, and Roles — in the right combination and concentration — unite to give you absolute Clarity… absolute Conviction… and the reason to fully Commit to living your dreams.

You will find the big WHY of your life in this hour… and be poised to do the work that will guarantee that the REST of your life will be the BEST of your life.

By the end of CD 5, you will be chomping at the bit to pick up the book and DO the remaining work. You will be excited and enthused. You will be encouraged. You will be at the Starting Point for a true creative reinvention of your life.


Unleashing Your PASSION: In the 6th hour, you will…

Discover an amazing truth about success. For you to actually LIVE your best life now… to actually LIVE a purpose-driven life… you must consistently PERFORM on purpose.

In just 1 hour you will get the connection between your faith, belief, hopes and dreams… and your power to perform beyond your expectations.

You will find strength and hope. You will understand why all your previous efforts fell short, and precisely what you can do to finally get control of the forces now controlling you.

Simply listen to the 6 highly motivational, inspirational and educational MP3 audios ONCE. In just 6 hours, you will understand exactly what you must do to take your success to the next level… to actually LIVE a life you will LOVE.


Success On Purpose is For You…

Who Benefits MOST from Success On Purpose?

Since the release of our first edition, we have heard from tens of thousands of our customers. Here is a short list of what men and women, from every walk of life, tell us they see… and why Success On Purpose is critical to your future.

  • The shocked man of 57 who has just been “right-sized” out of his six-figure job… and is now a temp at Home Depot assembling grills and gazebos…
  • The heartbroken 52-year old woman who just lost her husband of 30 years… and has to start over from scratch…
  • The highly successful Entrepreneur who is now looking to make a big difference in his community… and the world at large…
  • The highly skilled men and women returning from service in the Gulf… and no jobs to return to…
  • The middleaged couple who is in marriage counseling for the third time… trying to find a shared sense of value and purpose… a reason to keep their marriage alive…
  • The mom and pop grocery store owners who have been praying for a miracle… to keep their little shop alive in the face of staggering competition… and are slowing working themselves to death…
  • People battling all forms of medical issues who need to look beyond their illnesses… and find a REASON for hope… a REASON to put their whole heart into the battle.
  • People who have given up all HOPE for living their dreams… people who have lost the COURAGE to see themselves WINNING… people who have started to believe that the worst of life is inevitable… and there is nothing they can do to turn their lives around.

    The common thread is people who are looking to renew, restore, reinvigorate and recreate their lives… and are looking for a new Starting Point for making the REST of their lives, the BEST of their lives.




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