A Sincere Request: 2 Minutes of Your Time Can Save 1 Million Small Businesses…

| September 30, 2020

If any of your customers are small businesses,
you now hold their lifesaver in your hands…

It’s not that times are changing, it’s that times have changed… and it’s actually worse than you think. The proof (below) is indisputable.

If your small business customers die off during this reboot, you die too… just like the legions of major companies now in bankruptcy.

We can help.

We created an exciting, positive, and highly motivational Shark Tank-styled 15 minute presentation that will give your small biz clients the specific advice, tools, and help they need right now.

All we are asking is for you to add us to your next virtual event… and we will motivate, inform, and empower them with explicit direction and concrete ideas for immediate action. This presentation gives leaders hope, understanding, and more importantly a strategy for getting out of this COVID Crisis… alive to thrive.


Mission: Immediately save 1 Million small businesses from certain extinction, protecting 15-20 Million permanent jobs. We need your help.


We collaborate with organizations like Chambers, Corporations, SBA, and Trade Associations.
We can help you and your customers in a way never before possible. Just click our
Easy button to discuss this Mission and our exemplary credentials…

A Sincere Request: 2 Minutes of Your Time Can Save 1 Million Small Businesses...



Executive Overview…

A Sincere Request: 2 Minutes of Your Time Can Save 1 Million Small Businesses...We are not here to give you an economics lesson.

We need your support to mobilize a campaign to save 1 Million small businesses in the next 12 months.

If we are not successful, 15-20 Million permanent jobs will evaporate, triggering an event worse than the previous Great Depression.

If successful, we help millions of small businesses and their employees live to fight another day.

So, please take what we are suggesting seriously.

As you know, the economy is in crisis with small businesses calling it quits in record numbers.

This is already catastrophic, but it can and will get worse if we hit the tipping point.

A startling fact…

In 2019, the percent of people employed by small businesses dropped from around 51% historically to 48%, while at the same time, the number of new businesses formed also dropped to record lows. Not bad in good times, but now… the real problem to be addressed.

But, and this is the critical tipping point…

Large businesses are also failing at an alarming rate (Sears, JCP, Hertz, Quorum Health, Frontier Communications, Neiman Marcus, LSC, and a hundred more)… the air travel and hospitality industries have been decimated and major restaurant chains are in shambles. This has cost millions of jobs. And Trillions in future losses.

This is the scary part. Now, with large businesses in furlough/layoff mode,  the concentration of employment in small businesses will be shifted from minority to majority… maybe in the 55-60% range in 2021 — increasing the economic problem exponentially. We MUST stop talking about this and execute a real battle plan now.

It is mission-critical that every business that can be saved, actually be saved from what is certainly an Extinction Level Event. Every bicycle and flower shop, every car, boat, and RV dealership, every bar and liquor store, every small business up and down Main Street needs help well beyond loans and free money.

After all, only a quarter of businesses fail due to lack of cash. The vast majority (75%) die from circumstances easily corrected with the right information, the right organization, and a living strategy.

As you will see in the above video, we created a simple, Shark Tank-styled presentation, walking leaders through our 90-second Biz IQ Stress Test… where they only have to answer 3 simple questions… and we give them the exact directions they need to succeed.

We are happy to walk you through these success-critical questions so you can see for yourself how important the answers are to business growth.

They are the exact same questions Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Brin & Page had to answer to get money, gain traction, and grow from a tiny seed into the most valuable companies on earth.

And how you answer these 3 questions will likewise predict your future as well.

Think of it as speed-learning on our time-tested Teaching Through Testing platform.

This tool gives small to medium-sized businesses a powerful strategic edge.

We call it MyQuickStrat™: Predictive Small Business Intelligence… the missing half to accounting programs like Quickbooks, ZOHO, etc.

Please give our request serious thought and let’s talk about how we can re-energize your small business customers with an instant hit of rock-solid advice, and a positive way forward.

On the positive side, if things do not actually continue to get worse, what a wonderful opportunity to make successful businesses even more successful and resilient. This is a tremendous WIN WIN opportunity for us all.

Help the weak get strong…

Help the strong grow stronger!

E. R. Haas, CEO, Serial Entrepreneur x22, Author, x26 (AKA The Invisible Billionaire)




Let’s discuss your small biz customers, our exemplary credentials,
and your Virtual Event Schedule…

A Sincere Request: 2 Minutes of Your Time Can Save 1 Million Small Businesses...



Small Biz Econ 101 in 2 Minutes…



According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the
small biz failure curve has remained constant over time.
50-60% of startups fail in 36-48 months.


A Sincere Request: 2 Minutes of Your Time Can Save 1 Million Small Businesses...



There is a high probability that this curve
will be pulled forward in 2021, resulting in an acceleration
of failures in less time. Moving the line from 36-48 months
to 12-24 months will create a tsunami that will decimate
the global economy for years to come.


A Sincere Request: 2 Minutes of Your Time Can Save 1 Million Small Businesses...



The Forbes Equity Project sees this bubble
as a critical tipping point for job security and
seeks to flatten the curve immediately.  Rebuilding
resilience is the mission. We concur.


A Sincere Request: 2 Minutes of Your Time Can Save 1 Million Small Businesses...



Also from the BLS… the reality is that only 29%
of businesses fail because they run out of cash,
leaving 71% for reasons that if addressed, can be fixed.


A Sincere Request: 2 Minutes of Your Time Can Save 1 Million Small Businesses...



We have developed simple-to-use tools… the fastest and easiest
way to build success-critical strategies for GETTING more customers,
KEEPING them coming back, and actually MAKING money.


A Sincere Request: 2 Minutes of Your Time Can Save 1 Million Small Businesses...


Product Story…

A Sincere Request: 2 Minutes of Your Time Can Save 1 Million Small Businesses...ETHOS: Four passionate, highly successful serial entrepreneurs (x22) founded MyBizIQ in 2012 with a lofty mission — to reduce the small business failure rate by 30%, abating a Trillion-dollar loss to the US GDP each year.

We cannot stand by and let this happen now.

WHY? Because we hate to see people invest their life savings, work their hearts out, and still see their businesses needlessly fail. The golden game of business is a professional sport played with real money… real people… and the dreams of every stakeholder. The key to success is to PLAN to WIN… and PLAY to WIN or PLAN to FAIL.

BELIEF: Our founders fervently believe that if we can give small business leaders a few simple tools — tools that empowered the growth of startups like Apple, Amazon, Starbucks, etc. — they would WIN the golden game of business.

It is now a “Survival of the Strategic™” economy… locally and globally.

We are now in the perfect storm, a national emergency with the number of new businesses falling and existing businesses failing at an alarming rate.

No more rhetoric, hand wringing, and flag-waving, we need to do everything possible to change the fundamentals.

While small business is the backbone of our economy, their track record is terrible.

We now know that the problem is systemic and immediately correctable with the right tools, technology, and support.

VISION: From the start, we envisioned a new set of tools that are easy to use, instantly productive, and empower immediate results.

We call this category of tools MyBizIQ: Predictive Small Business Intelligence — the ability to intuitively sense what needs to happen and then make it happen.

A Sincere Request: 2 Minutes of Your Time Can Save 1 Million Small Businesses...


We passionately believe that if a small business wants to grow, it can.


A business-as-usual mentality in a hyper-competitive, tough as nails economy is a fast track to failure.

Advice? Improve your BizIQ. Do it now.


Most businesses operate with a good accounting system, have a  decent business plan, and work hard to make a go of it — yet 65% will fail in 6-7 years… even more after the fall out from COVID-19. (See proof from the SBA below.)

Better business plans and bookkeeping just doesn’t cut it.

Business leaders need a completely different set of tools to not only account for what happened in the past but to strategically make things happen in the future.

Like today, next week, or next month.

We developed a unique new set of tools that can actually predict business success or failure — a kind of software-driven crystal ball that shows you what the future holds…

This war will be won by those with a good understanding of where they have been, accounting for decisions already made — but more importantly — tools that are predictive in nature, action-oriented, and point you forward over time.

Accounting software is good at telling you what HAPPENED. It is your rearview mirror.

Today, you need a GPS Smart Map to show you exactly where to go and what to do once you get there.

A Sincere Request: 2 Minutes of Your Time Can Save 1 Million Small Businesses...

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