The Wellness Habit

| July 17, 2019

“Wellness is not a ‘medical fix’ but a way of living — a lifestyle sensitive and responsive to all the dimensions of body, mind, and spirit, an approach to life we each design to achieve our highest potential for well-being now and forever.” ~ Greg Anderson

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The Wellness Habit 

The Wellness Habit…

The Wellness Habit
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On The Same Page…

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life.

It is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth.

A good or satisfactory condition of existence; a state characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity; welfare.

“Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” – The World Health Organization.

According to several studies, the most common health problem in the world is depression. This problem is often manifested in the form of insomnia, stress, poor nutrition, physical inactivity, obesity, and heart disease, etc.

Irrespective of a person’s age, size, shape or perceived attractiveness, it is wellness that is the cornerstone of quality of life. It determines how we ultimately look, feel, interact with others and thrive in life and work.

Wellness is the conscious development of the whole self.

Embarking on a wellness journey is a process of searching for the appropriate “tools” to make you a healthier and happier human being, plus discovering your own effective methods to use these “tools” for continued growth and development. As there is a great variety on all aspects of life, there are also countless ways to cultivate yourself on an ever-changing path of wellness.

The Wellness Habit

“Let us be about setting high standards for life, love, creativity, and wisdom. If our expectations in these areas are low, we are not likely to experience wellness. Setting high standards makes every day and every decade worth looking forward to.” ~ Greg Anderson

The Wellness Habit


Think about your financial wellness…

Your physical wellness…

Your emotional wellness.

How about your mental, relationships, and career wellness?

These are all characteristics of High TQ Performance.


The Wellness Habit   The Wellness Habit

Compare the two charts above.

On the left is the norm — a person with a low TQ who struggles with all sorts of problems — money, fear, doubt, dashed dreams, unrequited love, low self-confidence and self-esteem, not to mention being on the wrong side of career choices.

On the right is a high-achiever destined for greatness.

These are the charts from an actual TQ Customer… a person who started with a TQ under 40 but quickly grew his power.

The result: Happy, rich, fun!

Please take a moment and run through your colors. Do it online at

Being able to measure and SEE yourself through the lens of your actions is as powerful a scale as your BMI, BP, INR, or EQ/IQ numbers.

If you want to realize your full potential, turn up your TQ Scores.

It is the very definition of emotional, financial, and physical wellness.

Without question, you grow WELLNESS every time you boost your COLOR power. We see this as a positive habit to be cultivated rather than just an aspirational hope…

The Power of TQ is all-inclusive, recognizing that true success is in your heart… your head… and your hands. It is the SOURCE of all leadership.

It’s about the power of habits that control our lives, 24x7x365.

Grow the Wellness Habit and you grow your career.

Grow the Wellness Habit and you grow your relationships.

Grow the Wellness Habit and you grow your bank account.

If you are struggling right now, the smartest thing you can do is get the help you need to move from where you are — emotionally and financially — to where you want to go.

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The Wellness Habit

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Develop the Habit Now →


Expect Success!

E. R. Haas, CEO

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The Wellness Habit

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The Wellness HabitThe Wellness Habit

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