Quick Hit: Predicting Business Success

| May 27, 2020

Quick Hit: Predicting Business Success

Mission: Reduce the small business failure rate by 30%, adding $1 Trillion per year to America’s GDP.


WIN The Golden Game of Business…

We created a new tool, a Crystal Ball of sorts, that tells you exactly what
you need to do… how to do it… when… and more importantly, WHY.

This tool gives you a powerful strategic edge.

We call it MyQuickStrat™: Predictive Small Business Intelligence.

Think of it as a GPS-Driven Google Smart Map that leads
you directly to your own personal Gold Mine!

Learn more now…

Quick Hit: Predicting Business Success

We collaborate with organizations of every nature: Chambers of Commerce, Business Lenders,
and everyone who has a stake in seeing small businesses not just survive but thrive.
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Executive Summary…

Quick Hit: Predicting Business SuccessETHOS: Four passionate, highly successful serial entrepreneurs founded MyBizIQ in 2012 with a lofty mission — to reduce the small business failure rate by 30%, abating a Trillion-dollar loss to the US GDP each year. We cannot stand by and simply let this happen year after year.

WHY? Because we hate to see people invest their life savings, work their hearts out, and still see their businesses needlessly fail. The golden game of business is a professional sport played with real money… real people… and the dreams of every stakeholder. The key to success is to PLAN to WIN… and PLAY to WIN or PLAN to FAIL.

BELIEF: Our founders fervently believe that if we can give small business leaders a few simple tools — tools that empowered the growth of startups like Apple, Amazon, Starbucks, etc. — they would WIN the golden game of business.

It is now a “Survival of the Strategic™” economy… locally and globally.

We are now in the perfect storm, a national emergency with the number of new businesses falling and existing businesses failing at an alarming rate.

No more rhetoric, hand wringing, and flag-waving, we need to do everything possible to change the fundamentals.

While small business is the backbone of our economy, their track record is terrible.

We now know that the problem is systemic and immediately correctable with the right tools, technology, and support.

VISION: From the start, we envisioned a new set of tools that are easy to use, instantly productive, and empower immediate results.

We call this category of tools MyBizIQ: Predictive Small Business Intelligence — the ability to intuitively sense what needs to happen and then make it happen.

Quick Hit: Predicting Business Success

There are 3 Success-Critical Components:

  1. The world’s first Small Business Stress Test to help leaders determine exactly which area of their business they must focus on. By investing 20 minutes in a serious business review, you will know precisely which part of your business is draining cash, hope, and your livelihood… and which is doing just fine. Once you know what’s wrong you can fix it. Otherwise, you will continue to make the same mistakes while expecting different results… the classic definition of insanity as Einstein put it!
  2. The Golden Game of Business Success Series: Highly Condensed and Distilled Knowledge from the best minds in business — a library of custom-produced, personalized books based on your test results that explain what you must do to grow your business to its full potential. It is a profoundly explicit, best practices review of your Business Intelligence. Once you complete your profile you will have 4 virtual books in hand that were produced just for you, only you. This is exactly like hiring a high-cost consultant to review your business and make specific recommendations. They would charge you $5-10,000 for this work. We include it free in your subscription.
  3.  MyQuickStrat™: Instant Strategic Plans — A unique new strategic plan generator to be used daily — in minutes — to guide smarter choices and inform significantly smarter actions. Small businesses fail because they try to string together a number of random tactics and rarely concentrate on the broad strategies that drive business success. We fix that. MyQuickStrat™ gives you explicit direction, ideas for action, and clear instructions that directly lead to smarter business… what titans of industry call “The Midas Touch.”

We passionately believe that if a small business wants to grow, it can.


A business-as-usual mentality in a hyper-competitive, tough as nails economy is a fast track to failure.

Advice? Improve your BizIQ. Do it now.


Most businesses operate with a good accounting system, have a  decent business plan, and work hard to make a go of it — yet 65% will fail in 6-7 years… even more after the fall out from COVID-19. (See proof from the SBA below.)

Better business plans and bookkeeping just doesn’t cut it.

Business leaders need a completely different set of tools to not only account for what happened in the past but to strategically make things happen in the future.

Like today, next week or next month.

We developed a unique new set of tools that can actually predict business success or failure — a kind of software-driven crystal ball that shows you what the future holds…

And more importantly…

Tells you precisely HOW to immediately improve it… to build a business worth owning.

Think of MyQuickStrat™ as a GPS-Driven Google Smart Map that takes you directly to your own personal Gold Mine!

This remarkably simple to use new software makes it possible to look into your personal crystal ball… see all the choices and options available to you… and instantly produce a list of high-value actions you must take today to achieve your short, mid, and longterm goals.

The need? Proof from the SBA…


Quick Hit: Predicting Business Success


Over the long haul, businesses survive or fail at a highly predictable rate.

This chart from the SBA was prepared by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and is composed of MILLIONS of successful and failed businesses.

Amazingly, regardless of when a business gave birth, HALF will be gone in 36-48 months… and a staggering 70-80% never make it to their 10th birthday. Notice how the curve doesn’t change over time. This means that the failure rate applies to businesses started today… or 10-20 years ago.

So, what is the difference between a business that makes it big versus one that dies on the vine?

Again, these numbers have not changed over the years and are highly predictable.

Contrary to popular belief, only 29% die from a lack of cash — 71% die from causes leadership could have easily addressed… but didn’t.


Quick Hit: Predicting Business Success


The top reasons for failure, all of which are in your control, are simple to understand, predictable, and fixable:

  1. Bad idea! You thought there was a need for your product or service but there wasn’t.
  2. Poor marketing management! It cost too much to GET new customers… your method of KEEPING customers is not effective… and your income never eclipsed your costs. You failed to MAKE money — it is game over.
  3. Got out-competed! You could have a great idea with plenty of cash, but you are not capable of creating a TEAM to compete effectively. Great ideas are a dime a dozen. What matters is your ability to out-perform… out-produce… and out-compete both your competition. Do this well, you make money, build market share, and WIN. Don’t, you die.

There is a solution.

The best way to predict the future is to create it… which is exactly what we do.

We call it MyQuickStrat™ — a $97 web tool that instantly creates living, breathing strategic plans in minutes. It is like hiring a $200,000 per year Harvard MBA for pennies a day!

Quick Hit: Predicting Business Success



The 411…

Quick Hit: Predicting Business Success

To help every business in America survive this crisis we reduced our $600 Biz IQ Small Business Strategic Planning System to just $97.

Get it now and in 15 minutes you will have a clear strategy to GROW faster and MAKE a great deal more MONEY.

Unconditionally Guaranteed for 1 Full Year. If it doesn’t make you 100 times the purchase price, let us know and we cheerfully refund your money and part friends!

Quick Hit: Predicting Business Success

It’s not that times are changing. It’s that times have changed.

Every business in America is at risk of this Extinction Level Event (ELE).

The cost of failure is unthinkable.

Our conservative estimate is that 1/3 of the businesses that entered this crisis will struggle, scrape by, and not survive the fallout ahead.

About 10% will be huge winners.

If you are worried about payroll…

If you are worried about your team…

If you are worried about sales…

You need a strategy to replace worry with positive action

The reality is that as our economy reboots, the only question is who will get the business?

This will be the most hyper-competitive, unforgiving, and relentless business climate we have ever seen.

Yet, still…

Somebody will increase sales and market share. Why not you?

Somebody will grow to meet pent-up demand. Will it be you?

Somebody will turn their business into a Gold Mine. Why not you?

Now is the time to get ahead of the curve and start thinking about how to put your business back on a high-growth, high-profit trajectory.

The single biggest mistake you can make right now is trying to grow without an overarching strategy to guide your decisions.

Just throwing a bunch of well-meaning tactics at the problem is certain death in what will become the most hyper-competitive period in recent human development.

Given current business conditions, you need to Plan to WIN… Play to WIN… or Plan to FAIL.

Sun Tzu offered this prophetic advice in the Art of War

Quick Hit: Predicting Business Success


This war will be won by those with a good understanding of where they have been, accounting for decisions already made — but more importantly — tools that are predictive in nature, action-oriented, and point you forward over time.


Quick Hit: Predicting Business Success


Sure, you probably use Quickbooks, ZOHO, or some other accounting software. They are good at telling you what HAPPENED. They are your rearview mirror. Today, you need a GPS Smart Map to show you exactly where to go and what to do once you get there.


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