Personal Growth

Do you have the WILL to succeed?

Do you have the WILL to succeed?

Do you believe you can FLY?

This week, we will be discussing The Will to Succeed… the pure determination necessary to triumph over fear, uncertainty and doubt as you move towards your most cherished dreams and goals.

| October 20, 2017
A brief history of your future.

A brief history of your future.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”~ Peter F. Drucker The Key to Living a Life that Matters.Now On Sale. All last week we focused on the Power of Positive Expectations. If you remember only one thing, remember this: Goals don’t achieve themselves. To achieve your greatest aspirations, you must draw […]

| October 16, 2017
Live for the Moment, Plan for the Future…

Live for the Moment, Plan for the Future…

There is a simple program that will make a huge difference to your life.

It is best described as “Instant Illumination.”

Where once you were living in a haze, you can now see what you must do differently to attain what you want most: financial independence… a better career… or even more time for yourself and your loved ones.

| October 9, 2017
Excellence is The Wind Beneath Your Wings

Excellence is The Wind Beneath Your Wings

When we started the Excellence Habit Challenge back in January, we knew it would be a big hit.

Take 100 days to get to know your “real self” and inculcate a single habit that will change your life, and the lives of everyone you love.

To become a great deal more successful than you are right now.

| October 2, 2017
The View From the Top Is Worth the Climb

The View From the Top Is Worth the Climb

“I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand. Henceforth will I apply ALL my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy.” ~ Og Mandino

| September 25, 2017
Let our Invisible Billionaire Mentor You to a Fabulous 4th Quarter

Let our Invisible Billionaire Mentor You to a Fabulous 4th Quarter

Yes, you CAN have it all…
Look at the calendar.
Look at your life.
Is this where you thought you would be after 10-20-30 years of hard work?
You dreamed of being rich one day. Are you?
You dreamed you would be happy by now… that you would catch that gold ring and make it yours. Did you?
Interesting questions, aren’t they? Probing. Provocative.
They get to the real of it, don’t they?

| September 18, 2017
TQ vs. The Law of Attraction…

TQ vs. The Law of Attraction…

Why People Fail to Make The Law of Attraction Work…
There are thousands of books and seminars on making the Law of Attraction work for the average person. So, why do people find it so difficult to “manifest” their hopes and dreams?

| September 11, 2017
Fit, Smart, Fast Free Promo

Fit, Smart, Fast Free Promo

You get ahead by desire, discipline, skills and training.

Labor Day is a great time to benchmark where you are, and determine where you want to go.

If you are not exactly where you want to be, we highly recommend you take 3 simple steps:

| September 5, 2017
A Labor Day Thought on Money

A Labor Day Thought on Money

Something to always remember: Money is what we get for the exchange of our labor.

Develop outstanding skills, you make a lot of money.

Remain stuck in status-quo, business as usual thinking, you make less.

Every person has skills unique to them.

The key is to discover them, nurture them, and fully exploit them.

| September 4, 2017 | 0 Comments

Business Growth

Your Wealth Turbocharger

Your Wealth Turbocharger

Theodore Levitt, Publisher of the Harvard Business Review and numerous books on marketing and business management, observed that there are 2 key ingredients to world changing success: Innovation and Marketing.

Both are driven by your imagination and an unshakeable belief in what is possible.

| June 21, 2017
Predicting Business Success

Predicting Business Success

Ayn Rand said it best, “Wealth is the product of man’s capacity to think.”

But key to this observation is exactly what to THINK about! This is especially important if you are a small business owner who wants to grow and expand profits.

So, if you want to grow, make more money, enjoy your business more, here’s a short list of what you want to think about, pretty much every hour of every day!

| February 3, 2017 | 0 Comments
Challenging Times Ahead for Business

Challenging Times Ahead for Business

Two-thirds of the businesses started in the last two years will not be here in 2020. You can WIN, but you must PLAN to win… then PLAY to win.

No sports team would ever win a single game if they didn’t do BOTH. The game of business is a professional sport played with real money… real people… real hopes and dreams.

Ignore the reality, you will not make it.

| December 25, 2016 | 0 Comments
The Power of Why.

The Power of Why.

 This short story was written to help every small business make more money and grow faster — by finding a whole new starting point for success. Having built 20 different businesses from scratch — from nothing more than a good idea and a lot of hope —  I can attest to the Power of WHY. […]

| August 6, 2012
Business is a Zero-Sum Game That Can Make You RICH!

Business is a Zero-Sum Game That Can Make You RICH!

Executive Summary: The game of business is a zero-sum game. If you do not take mind-share and market-share from a direct competitor — they will take business away from you — and you will slowly die on the vine. However, if you PLAN to WIN and PLAY to WIN, you will WIN the hearts and […]

| July 30, 2012

Today’s TQ From ThinkTQ

Reward ideas that result in less paperwork. Some paperwork is absolutely critica

A carefully chosen list of priorities acts to clear out the deadwood and debris

Don't be like most people, living from paycheck to paycheck with the mere g


Finding Vision

Finding Vision

So much of our lives revolve around people with outstanding vision. The founders of Apple, Amazon, Starbucks, Google, Facebook and Twitter immediately come to mind as men and woman who built companies who changed the very fabric of the future. Who would have ever thought that Bill Gate’s vision of “making the PC more important than the mainframe…” or Larry Page’s vision of “indexing all the knowledge…

| June 18, 2017
Become a Born-Again Possibility Thinker!

Become a Born-Again Possibility Thinker!

The Young Vs. The Old — Possibility Vs. Probability Thinking…

When we are young, first starting out, we ignore all the rules, dangers, doomsayers and think with one of the most powerful words in the English language: POSSIBILITIES.

We look for OPPORTUNITY regardless of the risks. We judge the road ahead by where it might lead, versus the certainty of a well-established, known destination.

Clearly, we are far more likely to pursue the road less traveled.

Somewhere along the road, we start to become weary of the forks, twists, and turns. We start to think more of the destination rather than the journey.

| April 3, 2017 | 0 Comments
Your Brain is Holding You Back from Maximum Success

Your Brain is Holding You Back from Maximum Success

According to neuroscientists from Berkeley, Stanford and Harvard, there is a dark force hidden deep within us that causes us to, quite literally, shoot ourselves in both feet when attempting to achieve our goals — earn more money… produce greater sales… achieve faster career growth… develop deeper relationships… attain financial freedom… you name it.

| March 12, 2017
Destiny Calls… Ready to Answer?

Destiny Calls… Ready to Answer?

What is DESTINY? The dictionary defines it as fate, providence; predestination; God’s will, kismet, the stars; luck, fortune, chance, karma, serendipity.

Most of us believe that it requires the INTENTIONAL commitment to EXCELLENCE and the total rejection of MEDIOCRITY to achieve our destiny — our ultimate calling in life.

As William Jennings Bryan said…

| February 22, 2017 | 0 Comments


Are You A Visionary?

To SEE what is invisible to others is the key aspect of being a visionary.

Our vision is huge and world-changing… and I hope you share it: Turn 2.5 billion Smartphones into the greatest training system ever envisioned… making the world SMARTER and SAFER.

The vision is to take 5,000 years of the best ideas… from the best minds who ever lived, now and then… off the shelf and inject them directly into your brain — in 10-second blasts all day long.

| January 31, 2017 | 7 Comments


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